Campus Information

Welcome to CityU!

You will find information on how to get to and around CityU, accommodation available, group visits as well as useful information on Hong Kong.


Campus Map

Explore our interactive campus map to find out the points of interest at CityU.


Getting to CityU

Situated at the heart of Kowloon peninsula, the CityU campus is well connected to major transportation in Hong Kong. It is an easy, quick trip to CityU from almost every part of the city, especially when travelling by MTR, as the University is just a 5-minute walk from Kowloon Tong Station.


Opening Hours

The campus is opened to the public from 7am to 11pm daily.  To facilitate students' study time and organisation of activities, students may stay in the 24-hour opening areas.  During examination periods, students are allowed to stay overnight in the open area of the Run Run Shaw Library.


Visitors Accommodation

Three main clusters of quarters are provided on campus, they are:  Academic Exchange Building (AEB),  Nam Shan Yuen (NSY), and Tak Chee Yuen (TCY).


Visit CityU

City University of Hong Kong welcomes you to our campus to meet our cheerful and diligent students, who are excited to share with you their unique university life at CityU.

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